Pacbrake Air Bags

Towing season is here and with it extra stress on your truck including your suspension. Even out your towing suspension regardless of your towing conditions with a Pacbrake Air Suspension system.

New products

It's here. S&B has announced the release of their new cold air intake for the 2015 Duramax. Whether on stock ort tuned vehicles, the cold air intake is designed to work with existing systems to give you all the performance that a Cold Air Intake has to offer.
Diesel performance is no longer just for trucks. Increase power and save money on fuel on your farm equipment with a tuner from TS Performance.      
Introducing the CTS 2 Edge Tuner featuring fully customizable interface and shift on the fly tuning, 6 performance enhancement tunes and engine parameter protection to prevent damage to your truck.      
Ford 6.4L Up Pipes
UpPipe and Manifold kit for the 6.4L Ford Power Stroke replace the exhaust manifolds and turbocharger feed piping which are prone to burning out at the thin walled elbows due to high exhaust temperatures.
Save your brakes while maintaining better control while towing and in hilly terrain with a Variable Vane Exhaust Brake from BD Diesel. Now available for the Ford Powerstroke 6.7L.
Flo~Pro Dodge Race Exhaust
5" DPF Back single exhaust for the 2010-2012 Dodge Cummins 6.7L Pickup. Kit is mandrel bent aluminized steel and comes with a polished vented tip. All hangers are pre-bent & welded to the pipes.


Stanadyne Fuel Additive
Protect your fuel system and investment with Stanadyne Fuel Additive.
Hotshots Secret Oil Additive
HOTSHOT'S SECRET - Stiction Eliminator Diesel Oil Additive. For Ford engines with HEUI injectors.